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Civil War A War That Shaped History - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1115 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/05/08 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Civil War Essay War Essay Did you like this example? The Civil War is a war that is taught about in every school throughout the United States of America, no matter if its the first grade or your senior year of college, youve heard about it every year in school since kindergarten in some form or another. The nation split into two parts. the Union also known as the North and the Confederate States of American, or just The South. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Civil War: A War That Shaped History" essay for you Create order It was a war that shaped history, the nation could look like a totally different place today if it wasnt for the norths eventually victory over the confederate south. Both sides believed that what they were fighting for was legitimate and fair, but if you look deeper the real reason for the Souths session is common from the beginning of the nation to the end of the Civil war. The war began when the Confederates fired the first shot at Fort Sumter, South Carolina on April 12, 1861 and went on until Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865. The south was clearly dependent on slavery as they were mainly in agriculture with harvesting crops such as cotton, tobacco and more, while Northern states, were more into manufacturing and used mainly paid labor instead of slavery. In fact, most of the Northern states at the time didnt have any slavery at all leading up to the war. If you were to go back and ask a southern what they believe was the cause for the war, they would most likely say that they were not fighting for slavery at all but instead were fighting for states rights. They claimed that their rights were being taken away by the federal government with their voices being thrown aside, that it wasnt only the fact that, what they saw as their right to own slaves was being taken away but that the government really had no power to take them away. The point being that if you were to ask the different sides, the north would go on to say that the war was fought over slavery while the South would go on to say have it was over states rights and not slavery. So the question would be which one is correct when it comes to the south, was it slavery or states rights? If you look at the events leading up to the war it is quite clear that the north and south were growing apart in ideas and culture for decades. The North was becoming more and more industrial and had more and more immigrants coming to American in search of the classic American Dream meaning there were labor hands in the north. While the South stayed true to its roots and focused on crops, crops that were harvested by slaves. When the United states began to push towards the west and the idea of free states came into question it threatened the south. Like with the Missouri Compromise of 1819, the south saw it as a threat to the balance of the free states and slave states. It was the first time that the south started to understand that the government could create laws dealing with slavery. Same goes for the Northern states and the Fugitive slave act, which was part of the Compromise of 1850 which states that a federal officer must arrest a runaway slave or they may be subject to a fine which caused many members of the North to increase their efforts to end slavery. Another major event leading to the start of the war would be when Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which basically opened all the new territories as long as they could vote on whether to be a free state or a slave state. This lead to what historians call Bleeding Kansas when a series on confrontations happened between opposing forces of free and slave state members. The act led to the formation of the Republican Party, a new political party based on the idea of opposing of opposing slavery into the new west. The newly formed party would be what eventually president Lincoln would run as and would be the final nail for the south. The Civil War started because of stubborn differences between the Union and South over the fact of, if national government had the power to stop slavery in the territories that America had gained from the Mexican war, Louisiana purchase and others. What capped it off finally for the south was when Abraham Lincoln ran and won the presidential election in 1860 while one of his promises during his campaign was to keep slavery out of the new territories. Once he was elected South Carolina succeeded from the union and on April 12, 1861 the war began. The war shaped American today in a great number of ways. The largest would have to be the thirteenth amendment, which abolished slavery in the united states. It also laid ground for the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments. However, thats not all it did for this great country. Even while the war was going on the Union was making moves to make the country better. Since there were no southern to block and bills, laws or acts, Congress was able to pass things such as the First Transcontinental Railroad or the Pacific Railroad, which linked the Atlantic to the Pacific and was built between 1863 and 1869. This helped people travel more out towards the west with things like the Homestead Act in 1862, which stated that any male could own a hundred plus acres if they lived and improved it over 5 years. Last but not least The war brought us paper money, during 1862, the Union was gaining more and more expenses so they had no way to continue paying for the war. So they created greenbacks which is similar to the paper bills that we actually use today. Simply put the war was fought by the South because of slavery, or their states right to slavery. If you look at the reasoning behind their methods, its because of slavery. Its important that the Union one because there is no slavery today when it comes to forced labor. Without the Civil war we might not even see one unified nation as we are today but rather one with slaves and one without. It laid the stone work for or modern day United States with huge acts put force by congress such as the fourteenth amendment that has become so important over time, especially in the 20th century with the Civil Rights movement and the due process clause. The Civil war tore us apart as a nation but once it was over, it opened us up to a whole new Union.

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Essay on The Controversial Issue of Job-Outsourcing

With the United States’ economy in a depression and our unemployment rate skyrocketing to record highs, job-outsourcing has moved to the top of the list of controversial issues. Froma Harrop’s essay New Threat to Skilled U.S. Workers and Thomas Friedman’s essay 30 Little Turtles discuss two different viewpoints of job-outsourcing, and their effects on society. Does our government really want to cut back on job-outsourcing, and what can society do to help the issue? Friedman’s standpoint on job-outsourcing shows how it is emotionally beneficial to other countries and Harrop’s factual standpoint shows job-outsourcing regulation, however, I feel that our citizens are unaware of the opportunities and our government is eager to send the jobs†¦show more content†¦By adding her own knowledge and ideas, she makes the essay very complex. Continuing on in the essay Harrop brings in another source, professor of public policy Ron Hira. She shares Hiraà ¢â‚¬â„¢s research results which show that the top applicants for H-1B visas are outsourcing companies. The companies send worker to the United States to train and work before going back home to improve the companies they work for. Harrop continues to use quotes from Hira along with adding her knowledge about how job-outsourcing affects the wages of American workers. The very last sentence in Harrop’s essay warns future workers about the rising issue. This is a very strategic move as a last chance to engrave the message in the reader’s mind. Harrop’s facts and uses of other sources help the readers immensely as they are trying to understand the issue. This essay was easy to understand and well written. Thomas Friedman has taken a very different approach when trying to grab his audience’s attention. 30 Little Turtles, by Thomas Friedman is emotional essay that appeals to pathos. Friedman tries to persuade people into seeing the positive effects of job-outsourcing on the young adults of India. Friedman wants those who oppose to job-outsourcing to understand how it would be beneficial to others. He begins the essay with an in-depth description of his emotion as he read an accent neutralization poem to a group of Indian trainees. He also says that he enjoysShow MoreRelatedEssay about Job Outsourcing542 Words   |  3 Pageseconomy of today, are many ongoing controversial issues that plague our once healthy nation. One such problem is job outsourcing, an issue with many schools of thought giving the topic its controversial nature. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The exportation of jobs offshore is job outsourcing. This, to some, is believed to be a benefit to our economy. According to a brief report from the National Center for Policy Analysis, â€Å"Increased economic globalization has caused jobs to move to the United States asRead MoreOutsourcing, The Key to Globalization Essay examples995 Words   |  4 PagesThe concept of outsourcing in the Unied States goes back to 80s. But it was in the 90s that really companies began to use it more and more and they found out that this is something that really works for them. Outsourcing is defined as the practice of subcontracting manufacturing work to outside and especially foreign or nonunion companies. This concept became very widely used in practice today in the United States. Firms such as IBM, Sprint, ATT, Dell Hewlett Packard, and Novell are someRead More The Outsourcing of American Jobs Essay1033 Words   |  5 PagesThe Outsourcing of American Jobs   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The exporting of American jobs is an issue that is important and will become increasingly so as more and more white collar jobs are shipped overseas. American companies in the past few decades have been sending American jobs overseas paying residents of other countries pennies on the dollar what they had paid American workers to do. This saves the companies millions of dollars on labor costs but costs Americans precious jobs. As the problem of job outsourcingRead More Outsourcing IT Jobs: Pros And Cons Essay952 Words   |  4 PagesOutsourcing IT Jobs: Pros and Cons In 1973, a monumental shift was prevailing where U.S. companies were sending low skilled jobs within the manufacturing industry to offshore countries to reduce labor cost while maximizing profits. The effect of the jobless manufacturing work force was a shift of those laborers to focus on and perfect the service industry of what it is today (Koch 1). During the high tech recessions of the late 1990s and a nominal expansion of the present time, the InformationRead MoreCompetitive Analysis of Business Cycles1301 Words   |  5 PagesEmployees at Wal-Mart are likely to get tired of the old bosses and old jobs. Bosses at Wal-Mart find the claim that subordinates are producing unsatisfactory work: workers are likely to enter and re-enter at Wal-Mart (Peterson, Fabozzi, 2009). Structural unemployment occurs frequently at Wal-Mart because the firm does not hire qualified candidates for their jobs. Workers are required to perform any jobs and are paid less for their jobs. The companys minimum wage is extremely thus precipitating structuralRead MoreAmerican Companies Are On The Move Case Study989 Words   |  4 Pagesmost money that they could. This element is the very basis of what we know today as commerce, but the way modern businesses have done this is completely different and far riskier than what businesses did in the past. One controversial way they are doing this is through â€Å"outsourcing† in which companies move overseas for a variety of reasons and it has already become a commonplace practice in modern business because of its benefits, but it is the unforeseen consequences – that undermine these benefitsRead MoreAnalysis of Three Videos on Outsourcing967 Words   |  4 PagesCritical Thinking Assignment: Overseas Outsourcing Introduction One of the most polarizing business practices of the last two decades continues to be the decision on the part of businesses to outsource production of their products to third world nations, The are a myriad of benefits and risks to outsourcing, often as diverse as the companies that choose this strategy as a means to compete globally (Beasley, Bradford, Pagach, 2004). The three videos analyzed in the paper have successfully definedRead MoreOutsourcing American Jobs Hurt U.s. Economy1560 Words   |  7 PagesOutsourcing American Jobs Hurt U.S. Economy Globalization is the integration of markets through the cooperation of internalization, federal, and state governments with corporate companies to provide low-cost products. Subsequently, outsourcing is an essential part of this globalization. However, what exactly is outsourcing? In its broadest sense, outsourcing is simply contracting out functions that had been done in-house—a longtime U.S. practice (â€Å"Globalization: Threat or Opportunity†). When a URead MoreEssay On Outsourcing1527 Words   |  7 PagesOutsourcing is controversial and often politically manipulated to make claims about job losses in the United States with little to no discussion on job creation from outsourcing by U.S. companies. However, outsourcing by U.S. companies provides benefits to foreign economies and to the U.S. economy. Foreign economies are boosted by demand for products by U.S. consumers, and the U.S. economy benefits as well. The U.S. economy engages in international trade and obt ains needed goods at lower cost, whichRead MoreGlobalization: the Bad939 Words   |  4 Pagesmany questions and controversial issues. The globalists argue that globalization is a positive development as it will give rise to new industries and more jobs in developing countries. Meanwhile, the anti-globalists state that globalization is negative in that it will force poorer countries of the world to do whatever the big developed countries tell them to do. Both ends of the argument have valid points, but for the sake of argument, I look further into the adverse. One issue is that developed

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Should Marijuana Be Allowed For Medical Marijuana

The Proof is in the Pot Imagine having a son or daughter who one second can be walking next to you at your local grocery store and the next second they’re on the floor blinking repeatedly, crippled and shaking. Dravet Syndrome, also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI), causes children to have monthly, weekly or hourly seizures without warning. This illness prevents children from experiencing a true childhood full of discovery and enjoyment. You try multiple treatments, doctors, and medications, but nothing seems to work. Finally, you decide to resort to the medical marijuana and notice the results are astounding. Your child’s behavior changes from quiet and unmotivated to talkative and energetic! Dravet Syndrome is just one of many conditions that medicinal cannabis has proven to help. Many medical conditions qualify for medical marijuana use making it a more reliable and affordable alternative from over-the-counter drugs. However, since the early 1900’s marijuana has b een pushed to the side when it comes to being an option for helping people. Anti-marijuana activists believe that marijuana has only negative effects on the heart, brain, and lungs. Although, marijuana is labeled a Schedule 1 drug alongside heroin and LSD, legalizing medical use in Florida can benefit the state’s economy in tax revenue as well as the health of its inhabitants who have deadly or torturous medical conditions. The Great Depression of the 1930’s swallowed copious amounts of ourShow MoreRelatedShould Marijuana Be Allowed For Medical Marijuana? Essay736 Words   |  3 PagesCalifornia was the first state to sign for medical marijuana, ever since then 22 more states have joined. Now in 2015 the current states allowing marijuana as a medical option are, California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Montana, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Michigan, Arizona, Washington DC, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Hampshire, Maryland, Minnesota, and lastly New York. Medical marijuana is a plant made of over 400 natural compoundsRead MoreMarijuana in Medicine1452 Words   |  6 Pagesthe use of medical marijuana should be allowed for medical purposes. Marijuana can be used as a treatment for nausea and vomiting, as well as a pain reliever from other medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Others argue that its use can lead to addiction and could lead to health risks such as lung and heart problems over time. Therefore, medical marijuana should be strictly limited for medical use and monitored to meet the needs of the patient. Medical marijuana should be allowed to relieve painRead MoreThe Legalization of Marijuana Essay1083 Words   |  5 Pagesbeen debating among themselves whether or not marijuana should be legalized in America. Marijuana is a drug that can be smoked or eaten. It is grown from the ground and gives the user a sense of a hallucinogenic high. It goes by many names such as Mary Jane, kush, grass, weed, pot, green, cannabis, hemp, or chronic. Some say that marijuana is not as bad as alcohol. Some say that marijuana is safe. Some hippies say that marijuana is natural and should be spread throughout the world. It is debatedRead MorePersuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana1746 Words   |  7 PagesLegalizing Marijuana Can you imagine being just six-years-old and suffering from over three hundred violent seizures a week? From birth, Charlotte Figi suffered from a rare form of epilepsy, which caused these seizures. After trying everything to help Charlotte, her parents finally decided to try medical marijuana, and it worked! Charlotte still had seizures, but now, she had maybe two or three seizures a month instead of three hundred a week. Charlotte’s story and many similar stories, alongRead MoreMedicinal Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized Essay851 Words   |  4 PagesFor the past fifty years, heated debates over the topic of the decriminalization of marijuana have been a great controversy among politicians. Some politicians believe that marijuana for the use of medicine should be outlawed. As Congressman Bob Barr in his debate with radio talk show host Neil Boortz on May 14, 2002, stated, quot;There is no legitimate medical use whatsoever for marijuana. This [marijuana] is not medicin e. This is bogus witchcraft. It has no place in medicine, no place in painRead MoreMedical Marijuana Should Be Legal1545 Words   |  7 Pagesmedicinal utility of marijuana. However, the federal government opposes passing legislation that would legalize medical marijuana because of its potential to be abused or unregulated. The states are continuously challenging the federal government causing complications in legislation in regards to medical marijuana. Because of its history of medicinal properties and accumulating amounts of state and local legislation, the federal government should decriminalize medical marijuana and legalize its useRead MoreThe Over Baked Marijuana Debate826 Words   |  3 PagesOver Baked Marijuana Debate Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, â€Å"That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.† The leaf he was referring to is marijuana. Skeptics view marijuana as a hazard to society and the well-being of our country’s people. Although, for others it is a solution to their disease. This kind of marijuana is medical marijuana, and it has the ability to provide relief to many, if only it was fully supported. However, there are many debates over whether or not medical marijuana should be legalizedRead MoreThe Marijuana Policy Project Or Mpp For Short Essay877 Words   |  4 PagesThe Marijuana Policy Project or MPP for short is a special interest group that is solely concerned with the legalization, decriminalization, and regulations of marijuana. Before Marijuana Policy Project was created by Rob Kampia, Chuck Thomas, and Mike Kirshner, they worked for another organization called National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws or NORML for short. The cofounders had trouble with NORML, constantly bickering with their superiors over how they could be more proactiveRead MoreContinuous Debates about the Legalization of Marijuana Essay1214 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Legalization of marijuana is a notorious topic in the world today, and like any other contentious subject, it has number of support, and opposition. The valid points for both sides are plentiful, and each side feels very strong about their position on the topic. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug used for medicinal purposes, and as an illicit drug (Earleywine 34). Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the world today. Marijuana has a psychoactive effect, and this has made it recognizedRead MoreWhy Marijuana Should Be Legal1641 Words   |  7 PagesThe article Marijuana talks about what marijuana is and how marijuana is used in the medical setting. Also this article marijuana talks about how effective the marijuana of kids in high school and the effects of social work and the social life itself. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Marijuana can also be used to drink tea and, predominantly when it is sold or expended for medical purpose is normally mi xed into foods. Marijuana is a cannabis which used for some psychoactive

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Ive Got Problems free essay sample

After 13 years of schooling, I’ve come to the conclusion that I know very little. But, I also know that in admitting that, I do know a thing or two. One thing I do knowaˆâ€  I begrudgingly admitaˆâ€  my mother is usually right (I say usually because I can’t give her too much satisfaction). I’m 17 years old; I really shouldn’t be realizing this until I have kids of my own, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. As I am standing at a major crossroads in my life, I can’t help and look back over everything that has happened so far. Nostalgia has taken over my mind as of late, and all I can do is think about long lost friends and times long ago. Reminiscing has drawn me to old diaries and boxes full of memories. As I read entries blotted with tears where I poured out my tormented thoughts, I find myself tearing upaˆâ€  but this time with laughter. We will write a custom essay sample on Ive Got Problems or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I remember my mother always told me everything would work itself out, what’s meant to happen will happen, and not to worry about the small stuff. Whatever, mom. I remember thinking that she was utterly out of her mind. How can crush of the week not liking me back be okay, EVER? Well, it turns out I haven’t thought about crush of the week since 1999, and today the fact that I even liked him makes me wonder what in the world I was thinking. It seems funny to me now that my â€Å"life-ending† troubles from when I was younger don’t even faze me now. Everything that ever went wrong has worked itself out. My mother was right, and I hate it. These days, I have a whole new set of troubles and worries. Some nights I can’t sleep I’m so stressed, and all my worrying is probably going to result in an ulcer and premature wrinkles or something. Even though I know my mother was right about things in the past, I’m really having a hard time believing that everything bothering me now will be okay. I don’t know where I want to go to college, my boyfriend of 3 and a half years and I just broke up, and I have a B in calculus. How awful. Well actually, when I wrote those problems down, they seemed like big worries. However, in the twenty seconds that have elapsed, I’ve gotten some clarity and they don’t seem like such a big deal. Crap. Mom, why do you have to be right? Now I’ve got even bigger problems. I actually believe my mother is always right? This is not good; I think I’d rather worry about crush of the week.

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Men and Women Verbal and Non Verbal Communication free essay sample

Men and women throughout their lives exhibit many different characteristics and traits which makes them the person that they are. However, societal involvement has a lot to do with the way men and women are raised. There are many factors throughout life that society can sway when making decisions. Exploring topics such as â€Å"showing support, troubles talk, the point of the story, relationship talk, and public speaking†, and examining whether these topics are gender exclusive or that they are overlapped will help explain the phenomenon of our way of thinking.Support is something that everyone needs in their lives. It gives them the positive reinforcement that they need. Many times in life at different stages, we come across challenges that require us to seek the support of others. Many times, if we don’t have a support group around us, it is difficult to find that support that we so badly need. We will write a custom essay sample on Men and Women Verbal and Non Verbal Communication or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Showing Support is and can be given by either gender. For example, we find mothers showing and giving support to their loved ones. One may read this statement and feel that fathers do not show support. This would be an erroneous assumption.Showing support can be seen in different levels and forms. Therefore, showing support is an action that is often times exhibited by both genders. Communication is an essential part of life. Men and women have various styles of communication. This is why they seem to find themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum when having â€Å"Troubles Talk†. Due to the difference in communication styles between men and women, â€Å"troubles talk† is not easy to handle or even comprehend. Far too often, we find women speaking from the heart and women attaching emotions to what they are discussing.One example I can recall is of my parents deciding when to set my marriage date. My father was adamant on setting it on one date. However, my mother was emotionally charged and wanted to have it on another specific date. This particular example has shown me that this is something that overlaps into both genders. For many people, making a point nowadays, either requires some elaborate illustration or very clear but persuasion. Many of today’s women will go off the deep in trying to prove â€Å"the point of the story†. Their stories are so convoluted that it is extremely difficult to decipher the point of the story itself.For instance, my co-worker Lillian apparently knows everything about everyone in the office. Her stories will linger on and on for quite some time. Often times, I find myself asking Lillian, what was the point of that story? I find that this is gender exclusive for women. Relationship Talk is something that men absolutely hate discussing. One can even go as far as say that most men think talking â€Å"relationship talk† is and can be considered a sin. Men avoid this type of talk at all cost. Women on the other hand, have had the desire to have â€Å"relationship talk† as often as possible.I feel that women are more concerned about the condition and status of their relationships. There are for too many examples that can be mentioned, but I have seen women in my past calling their husbands or boyfriends during breaks or lunch to have relationship talks. This is the one type of communication that is very gender exclusive. â€Å"Public speaking† is a means of communication that is very crucial in corporate America. It is something that is present in if not all then most forms of occupations. Most jobs require some form of public speaking.Others make a living off teaching â€Å"public speaking† and how to correct ones speeches. This communication form is not exclusive to any one nation, culture, race or even gender. Public speaking is something that everyone should know how to do and feel confident. It can open up many doors in a person’s career and can prove to be financially beneficial. Therefore, public speaking can be seen as something that overlaps to both genders as it is something both genders most do throughout their lives in every mode of life including school, work, and other societal areas.Gender experience or expectation is something a man or a woman would experience throughout their life. As a child, you listen and observe everything intentionally and unintentionally. Sex is just a biological difference between men and women on the other hand gender is one of the universal dimensions on which masculine and feminine differences are based. We usually tend to do what we see regardless of it’s a male or female act. Majority of the people I saw as I was growing were male but still my mom forced me to do stuff that people of my sex would normally do.Being the only sister of four brothers it was little hard for me to differentiate what was right for me being a girl and what was wrong. Now, I can easily differentiate between femininity and masculinity. Even though I am a very feminine type of woman I still have certain gender issues. For example, I talk too loud, laugh out loud, I usually have my sleeves rolled up and sit with my legs open with I am in my jeans and according to my understand I learned that from my brothers and father. I remember my mom ould always pick on all these things and tell me that girls don’t do that, they are supposed to speak politely and with tenderness, have a feminine laugh, they should have a nice and delicate walk and also they should dress girly and that makes me different from my father and brothers. My mom never forced me what sexuality I should choose but according to my culture and religion gay or lesbian relationships/marriages are not allowed and I am expected to follow that as well. I have never had any issues regarding choosing my sexuality when because I did not even know that such relationships even exist in reality until I came to United States.I come from a conservative cultural background. Many things have changed with time for example, back in times man and woman friendship was never acceptable like they are now, they could not hang out or take classes together. We had separate sections for girls and guys. Having that I mind, I have always thought since girls or guys don’t have an open access to an opposite gender that’s why they try to find sexual happiness in the same sex. But later I learned that it’s a person’s choice what sexuality they want to be in.I know that if I was not straight my parents and society would not accept my sexuality because of the way they were brought up and taught. Proxemics nonverbal communication is how far we position ourselves from people or objects and haptic nonverbal language is how much we need to touch, tolerate, receive, and initiate with someone. Being a part of conservative culture I am not a touchy and feely person. I like to stay in my own bubble and try to maintain my distance while to anybody especially with men. I don’t like anybody entering in my bubble or try to invade my space. I work around gay and straight men.To me they are all men it doesn’t matter if they are gay or not. I just don’t feel comfortable when men touch me while talking. From my experience and also the study shows that men tend to use more haptic nonverbal language than women. For example, I met a guy at the mall randomly. He was shopping for his girlfriend. All of sudden he came to me and asked me if he could borrow me for a size because his girlfriend was same physique as mine. I got little paranoid and fearful too because he kept coming closer to me and touch me on my shoulder from time to time while we were talking.That made me really uncomfortable, and I knew he didn’t have any bad motive he was just a closer talker. I remember we were all over the store, he would come close and closer and I would keep moving away to maintain my bubble. I can’t speak up when it comes to things like that. I won’t call myself a weak person but it’s the way I was molded in from the childhood. But I realized after that it’s not safe for me to let anybody enter my bubble. It could harm me in many ways. That’s why I try to be more open and use strong nonverbal and verbal communication to link with men because I know they understand what a woman is trying to say.

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Shakespeares Idea Between Time and Love Essays

Shakespeares Idea Between Time and Love Essays Shakespeares Idea Between Time and Love Essay Shakespeares Idea Between Time and Love Essay Thesis In Shakespeare’s sonnets, he discusses the conflicts that men have with time, such as time with human being’s body and time with the mind. Although time withers the body and eventually takes away the mind, however, Shakespeare writes that time cannot defeat love, especially when love is written by poems. I. Analysis of Sonnet 18 A. Interpretation of Sonnet 18 B. Discussion of the underlying meaning of time and love II. Analysis of Sonnet 19 A. Paraphrase of Sonnet 19 B. Denotation of the message of love with the comparison of Sonnet 18 III. Analysis of Sonnet 73 A. Summary of Sonnet 73 B. Discussion of the relationship between time and love of this sonnet IV. Analysis of Sonnet 116 A. Summary of Sonnet 116 B. Investigation of the connection of time and love with the comparison of Sonnet 18 V. Conclusion A. Restatement of the key points of the above sonnets B. conclusion Shakespeare’s idea about the relationship between time and love -with the analysis of Sonnet 18, Sonnet 19, Sonnet 73 and Sonnet 116 In Shakespeare’s sonnets, he discusses the conflicts that men have with time, such as time with human being’s body and time with the mind. Throughout his sonnets, especially Sonnet 18, Sonnet 19, Sonnet 73 and Sonnet 116, Shakespeare talks of love and time which expresses his ideas the powers of beauty, time, and love and how each interacts with the other. He examines the relationship between love and time. In several lines he leads the reader to believe that when written and recorded, love can be remembered throughout time. In Sonnet 18, Shakespeare raises a proposal- â€Å"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? † at the beginning. Then he argues that â€Å"you† are more lovely and beautiful than a summer’s day. Although the wind blowing on the flower buds of May can be felt, still the summer just doesn’t last long enough for the sun dims and sometimes goes away by chance or simply by nature’s doing. After the word â€Å"but† in Line 9, the poem shifts to another statement- as long as â€Å"your† beauty is recorded by this sonnet, â€Å"your† beauty will live forever with the eternity of poetry. In this sonnet, Shakespeare argues that his love for his beloved, whether it’s for a â€Å"fair young man† or a beautiful lady, will never die for it is remained forever in his poem. So does his love. Thus, time cannot take the beauty and the love away. Sonnet 19, which is similar to Sonnet 18, also boasts of the speaker’s writing talent. In this sonnet, the speaker is addressing â€Å"Time† instead of addressing â€Å"You† in Sonnet 18. In the first quatrain, the speaker begins his direct engagement with Time in a battle of wills. He blames Time, saying go ahead and makes the lion’s paws dull and useless with age, let the tiger’s sharp teeth fall out, and let the phoenix die. In the second quatrain, the speaker challenges Time to create happy seasons and sad seasons as he hurries by. The speaker even encourages Time to go ahead and do whatever it wants to whole world. But the speaker forbids Time to touch one particular entity, and he says it with vehemence: â€Å"But I forbid thee one most heinous crime. † In the third quatrain, he commands Time not furrow the brow of his love: â€Å"O! carve not with thy hours my love’s fair brow. Nor draw no lines there with thine antique pen. † In the couplet, the speaker appears to do an about-face. He says, on the other hand, go ahead â€Å"old Time,† do your best to destroy this love, this talent of mine. And even though you try your hardest, â€Å"My love shall in my verse ever live young. † His love, which is in his art, is untouchable by time. Again, in this sonnet, Shakespeare restates his idea between time and love. Although time can take away people’s youth or fades everything, it cannot take away my love as long as it is written in my poem. Sonnet 73 is a poem that emphasizes the strength of love by describing his aging process by the use of three metaphors: a tree, a day and a fire. In the first quatrain, the speaker addresses a beloved, remarking that she may see that he is aging. He compares his body to a tree losing its leaves: â€Å"yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang. † His hair is thinning, and the few strands he has left are turning gray with age. The gray hair that once was brown is just like the yellow leaves that once were green. Even his poetry is becoming â€Å"are ruin’d choirs,† it used to be filled with beautiful expression akin to the songs of â€Å"sweet birds. † After comparing his aging to a tree in late autumn, he then compares the aging process to a day, and the time when the sun â€Å"fadeth in the west†, he is in the â€Å"twilight of that day†. He will not be able to rest after black night has stolen his life. In the third quatrain, the speaker again introduces a new metaphor: this time he compares his ebbing life to a fire that â€Å"on the ashes of his youth doth lie. † His youth once burned brightly, but now his flame is dwindling, and the very things that fed his youth’s flame are being consumed by the low-burning fire of old age. Nevertheless, his beloved still offers him love and that love is even stronger for they know there is not much time left so they have to cherish and love each other even more. In this sonnet, Shakespeare states that love can be much stronger despite the time. Even though the two lovers are growing old, their love for each other is never growing old. On the contrary, time even makes their love stronger and more beautiful. To Shakespeare, love is not only forgiving faults but also invincible in the face of any storm. Whether it is hostility in the marriage or the death of one of the individuals in the marriage, love will continue to persevere between the two involved. This can be best exemplified in Sonnet 116. In Sonnet 116, the first quatrain depicts true love as everlasting and how marriage is a bond that will keep two souls together and never apart. The second quatrain, talks about love as uncontrollable and it guides and goes through with us along our way in life. Love is described as boundless and something that cannot be contained. Furthermore the quatrain also states true love as an intense force that we cannot predict. Finally, the third quatrain describes the amount of time love lasts and that true love is not and cannot be affected by time: â€Å"Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks†. The couplet argues that if the vision of love that has been so accurately depicted is incorrect, â€Å"I never writ and no man ever loved†. Both Sonnet 116 and Sonnet 18 share the similar idea that true love is eternal. Sonnet 18’s main theme is the power of the speaker’s poem to defy time and his love lasts forever in poetry. Sonnet 116 presents the extreme ideal of romantic love; it never changes, it never fades, it survives death and admits no flaw. Another similarity is the structure of the two sonnets. Both of them state the main idea in the couplet. From the analysis of the above four sonnets, it can be told that Shakespeare thinks that love will not fade throughout time and it can live forever in the form of poetry. In Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 19, he states that his beloved’s beauty and his love can live in eternity in his poem. In Sonnet 73, he argues that love can be stronger throughout time. In Sonnet 116, Shakespeare states that love is invincible in the face of difficulty or even death. To sum up, Shakespeare’s idea between time and love is that though time withers the body and eventually takes away the mind, however, he thinks that time cannot defeat love, especially when love is written by poems.

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Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso The Glorious Artists Essay

Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso The Glorious Artists - Essay Example The essay "Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso The Glorious Artists" will help to understand the important role of such artists as Paull Klee and Pablo Picasso. Here will be discussed famous words of glorious artists. Abstract art never shows flowers as flowers, houses as houses etc. Mainly abstract art addresses issues that lie deeper than objects of material reality. Paul Klee was in a broad sense a transcendentalist who accepted that the material world was standing out among numerous realities open to human consciousness. His applications of color, pattern and miniature sign systems all address his endeavors to utilize art as a window to this philosophical rule. Klee challenged conventional limits differentiating visual art and composition by investigating another expressive, and to a great extent theoretical or graceful dialect of pictorial images and signs. Letters, arrows, musical documentation, old pictographs, or a couple of dark lines remaining in for an individual or question habit ually show up in his work, while seldom requesting a particular interpretation. The artwork that was chosen for the analysis is Winged Hero (1905). This artwork depicts a surreal humanlike creature with one wing. The artist wrote himself on the picture "Because this man was born with one wing, he believed he could fly. His attempts, of course, have only resulted in crashes and a broken left arm and leg". The odd creature could extremely well speak to a sort of self-portrait of the averageartist of the 20th century.